Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Do you like blondes? Yes we do know how to have more fun
Phone Sex

Valentines Day

Hi Guys

I have been a bad girl its been awhile since I posted in my blog but in case your
wondering about me. I am feeling extra hot I usually wear something red on valentine's day and enjoy some dark chocolate and some lusty phone sex talk.

I wanted to say that I feel sad about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. I remember her as one of the hottest Guess and playboy models back in the 90's. She was the second
Marilyn Monroe. She will be missed and remembered rest in peace Anna.

I need some hot sexy fun so give me a call and I will give 5 extra mins on Valentines Day. Guys email me if you want me to send you some hot sexy pics

Kisses Pamela

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hi guys

wow its already november and pretty soon its going to snow, (ah)I haven't even started to think about the cold weather yet have you? I have been a getting myself into alot of trouble at the gym.
I teach yoga part time and recently I have been having sex with my boss. I will save the details for the next time we talk.
oh on the weekend I went to a movie. I went to see "Borat"
funny funny funny well some parts of it were but to each his own is what I say
Kazakhstani journalist Borat is sent to the United States to do a documentary. Borat falls in love with one Pamela Anderson and heads to CA in hopes to marry the actress, probably being the highlight of the movie. Its recieved high ratings,
I would love to know what any of you guys that about the movie


Monday, June 05, 2006

Phone Sex in the summer

Sensuality is what I most crave on a hot day. I love feeling things that make me tingle how a about swimming naked in your outdoor pool ? ( ah I don't have an outdoor pool but a girl can dream right ? )

Let me step out of the shower and have you join me ahhh your warm tongue running up my thigh I'm a horny girl love my pussy licked .... and licked often. I keep it shaved so I can feel that nice tongue of yours giving me a massage......

I like all flavors and types of guys hot and hard. Summer is here and I get so wet and nasty
best of all I am offering some Amazing Phone Specials so that we can talk alot and really have some fun..................

Wicked Pamela's Summer SpecialPamela with the wicked imagination has no taboo's and anything goes! I can be your mistress, schoolgirl or your boss or mommy ... I am offering a few specials for June and July. Have you ever thought about calling me? Well now I make it very affordable to call me ..........................
I am offering a 20 minute call for only $20 or you can Buy a 10 min call and get a second call for free( 10mins) please mention which option you prefer!
"Quick Calls" 5 mins for only 10 dollars
Be sure to mention the special when you call me. 800-968-6545 visit me at Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I went Shopping

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I went Shopping...

I went shopping but not for clothes *giggle*I wanted to get a few new toys that I could enjoy while on the phone and I went to a sex shopI got so hot in that store oh my god my panties were creamy and wet LOLI ended up getting 2 super large dildo's a flesh tone and a nice big black oneI was so wet and hot as soon as I got into the car I had to stuff it hard inside me! I fucked my soaking wet hole nice and hard with the big black dildo. It felt so goooooood *giggle*Toys make me so horny, that night I went out to a club and had me some real big black cockWanna know about all the juicy details ? Give me a call and I may just kiss and tell ...

Pamela oxox

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May get 5 mins free on phone sex calls
Hi everyoneI am sitting here all spread out reading a book ( hmmm) it would be nice to rub between my legs and talk to you on the phone this afternoon.I am offering a MAY month special on phone sex calls- you get"5 mins Free" each time you do a ten minute call so that gives us 15mins to play ( he hehe he)We can make each other feel soooo good call me. I want to hear all about your weekend ? I can't wait to tell you all about mine,Pamela